My Top 6 Tips on How To Book The Perfect Asian Wedding DJ

My Top 6 Tips on How To Book The Perfect Asian Wedding DJ


February 28th, 2014


Booking the right Asian Wedding DJ is imperative to making your wedding day a real success.

I have spoken to so many couples over the years that have told me that they wish they had done their homework before booking their DJ.

A great DJ can put the icing on the cake to this once in a lifetime occasion and a bad one can make it a nightmare.

Below are my top 6 tips on making sure you book the right DJ for your wedding.

1. Does Your DJ possess the Experience & Professionalism?
The first thing you should do before booking any DJ is meet with all of the potential ones, those who aren’t prepared to come and meet you face-to-face to discuss your entertainment are not worth considering. Make sure that the DJ is doing this as a business and on a professional level, not just as a hobby. Make sure that the DJ can prove his longevity in the market and ask for two contact numbers of previous clients that you can call for a reference or letters of recommendation. Search them out on Social Media sites before you meet with them.

2. Make sure you know which DJ you are really booking to perform on the day?
Some larger entertainment companies are only in it to collect the booking fees and do not really care who is allocated to do your function or what kind of job they do. Make sure that the DJ is actually part of the company and that your booking will not be passed to freelancers who just behind a DJ Booth signs provided by the entertainment company. Sometimes larger entertainment companies have several DJs and end up switching DJs before an event. A piece of advice is to have the DJs name that is performing detailed on the booking agreement.

3.Does the DJ posses Talent or just expensive equipment?
With the barrier to entry into the DJ market made easier by technology and in many cases, mummy and daddies money, make sure that the DJ can demonstrate their talent, ask to see them in action, starting a function, conducting a cake cutting ceremony and during the event. Most DJs worth their salt will have recorded footage. If they do not have any footage, ask them if you can come and visit them at a forthcoming function they will be performing at, tell them that you will only be there for a brief time and make sure you get them to ok this with their client. A great DJ should be able to read a crown in the first 20 minutes of playing the music.

4. Is your DJ Reliable and have a Contingency Plan?
This is one of the main points I would like you to consider, ask your DJ if they have ever failed to turn up at a function, why it happened and what contingency they had in place, also find out what contingency they have in place if they are ill on the day and what they will do if their vehicle breaks down on the way.

5. PAT Tested & Insured
Many couples booking a DJ overlook these two key factors, most venues these days require a DJ to provide them with PAT Certificate, this proves that their equipment has been tested recently and is safe to use at a public venue. Secondly, make sure that the DJ carries public liability insurance, god forbid one of your guests gets hurt by falling equipment or tripping over cables that have not been taped down properly.

6.Are you paying the Right Price
Deciding a budget for entertainment can be very challenging because prices can range anywhere from £300 to £3,500. Many DJ companies offer various packages along with a la carte options, such as Dhol Players, venue Uplighting and LED Dancefloors. My advice here is to make sure you are booking the DJ for their Experience, Professionalism and Talent over what equipment they can provide. You also have to consider you get what you pay for. Although often overlooked as not being one of the most important vendors, the DJ controls the flow for the entire wedding. With all that responsibility, you need to know that he or she has what it takes to make your day perfect.

Although it can be difficult to find exactly what you want that encompasses all of these characteristics, you now know where to begin and what questions to ask. The best advice I can give you is this: first impressions are everything, and more than likely, you will know within 45 seconds whether or not the person you meet with is exactly what you’re looking for. So good luck and I hope that this guide helps you choose the perfect DJ for your very special day.

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